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Meriam Gaied:

_ Aisha Tida Abbassi: Understanding The Way They Move. done 15.01.2022
_ Malek Gnaoui: The Elastic Mind. done 15.01.2022
_ Ana Rodriguez: Déjà Vu. done 17.01.2022
_ Sean Negus: Hauntology & Ephemera(l) Saudades. The Transmedia Poetics of the Archive. done 18.01.2022
_ Abdulrahman Al-Benah: Man Is The Son Of His Environment And The Narrator Of Its Stories. done 17.01.2022
_ Nidhal Chamekh: A Different Way Of Resonating With The Past. done 17.01.2022
_ Arabic Cover Design Archive: Filling the Gaps in Design History. done 18.01.2022
_ Gudrun Barenbrock: Lost & Found. done 16.01.2022
_ Reservoir Peacocks: The Body As An Archive. Done 17.01.2022
_ Mohamed Ghassan: A Different Kind Of Archive. done 17.01.2022
_ Mohamed Adel Dessouki: How Do You Tell a Story That Doesn’t Even Exist?. done 18.01.2022
_ Samantha Pellarini: Ever Felt Like You Don’t Belong? Done 28.01.2022
_ Lan-Hsin Tu: New Material World. Done 28.01.2022
_ Liftinger and Sandoval: Deconstructing the Projection Beam. done 29.01.2022

Emna L:
_ NadiA Mounier: Yasmine ElMeleegy: Rituals of Healing. CURRENTLY EDITING
_ Alexia Alexandropoulou: Omnia Sabry: Chlorophyllic Memory and Other Findings. Currently editing

-Elif Satanaya Özbay: The Ordinary Fight or Fighting the Ordinary. done
-Noor Abuarafeh: How To Resist Forgetfulness. done
-Aziz Aissaoui: Noce. currently editing, note sent to Emily, waiting for reply
-Haifa Ouerfelli: The Cycle of Creation. done, just missing links, but I don’t have an email to reach famkje
-Anis Ben Jemaa: From the Rooftop to the World. done, just missing the date published
-Joumana Medlej: Words as Symbols. done, just missing the date published
-Laboratorio Lacustre: Plants, Territory and Time. done, just missing the date published
-Martina Dal Brollo: Polarized View. done, just missing the date published. also, for some reason, the caption is next to the video instead of underneath, but couldn’t figure out the coding to fix this
-Joris Bosma: Staying Suspended in Motion. done, missing date published, and there’s a note for missing quotes. there are also no pics.
-George Mazari: Time Is A Desert Of Being That Surrounds Us. done, waiting for reply from Emily on one item.
-Omneia Naguib: Opposing Duality. done, just missing the date published.
does the ‘tasaworat publishing platform’ logo have to be at the end of all the articles?

-Omneia Naguib: Working and living in Cairo: Done
-Ahmed Shawky Hassan: On Being an Artist: Done 17/01
-Mohamed Shawky Hassan article: Balaghany Ayyoha Al Malek Al Sa’eed, DOne The final draft was sent on 19/01
-Roya Mansar: A Moment with Younes Ben Slimane: Done, waiting for Roya’s reply, sent 20/01
-Amin Gharbi: Madelief van de Beek: NOT TO BE IGNORED: Done 21/01 missing the publication date.
-INTERFERENCE YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAM: Public Art: Done, suggestion sent to Bettina 22/01
-Omnia Sabry: Chlorophyllic Memory and Other Findings: Done 30/01
-Britt Van Den Boogard: A Synaesthetic Experience: Done 01/02, I added references and links to check.
-Samira Arrami: A Second Life: Done 31/01, Added References and links to check.
-Paula Nishijima: Is The Artwork Only What We See?: Done 02/02 Added References & links to check.
-Alcaeus Spyrou: A Cold Metal World Floating On An Even Colder Sea: Done 07/02: Added links.
-Gudrun Barenbrock: Lost & Found: Done 07/02: Added references and links.

– Daniela Nofal: Liquid Archives: currently working on