TASAWORAT is an experimental publishing platform for authors, curators, art mediators, and artists featuring the contemporary art scene in the SWANA region. It is a ressource-oriented project with shifting foci and partnerships. Chief-editor is Bettina Pelz, based in Tunis.

Since 2021
The cooperative TEXT ME programs by INTERFERENCE Tunis and MEDIA ART FRIESLAND Leeuwarden publish the results of their writing labs named TEXT ME on this platform.

2019 – 2022
The experimental publishing platform was initiated by Bettina Pelz as part of the TASAWAR CURATORIAL STUDIOS, a post-graduate study program, hosted by the GOETHE-INSTITUT in Tunis. Part of the one-year study program are regular writing and publishing activities on selected artists, exhibitions, and cultural activities. TASAWAR fellows are encouraged to visit, reflect, and write to accompany, document, and critic contemporary artistic and curatorial practice.

Jointly with lecturers, mentors and friends of the program, TASAWAR fellows and alums present selected texts here to encourage discussion and research, and also to provide access to the vivid and diverse contemporary art scenes in the SWANA (South West Asia / North Africa) region.

When and where possible, the TASAWAR community meets in projects in different constellations to focus on a topic or a visit or a research framework to share experiences, to widen the curatorial knowledge, and to nuture ideas. We aim to strengthen the position and recognition of curators, art mediators, and art researchers for a productive contemporary art scene.

The network of fellows and alumns is interested in feedback, open for cooperation, and keen to expand. Please contact us with good ideas, sincere feedback, and future opportunities.