Giuliana Grippo

Giuliana Grippo (she/her) is a cultural manager native from Buenos Aires (ar), currently based in Blanca (es). She intertwines her work as a cultural manager with her practice as an artist, where she explores the possibilities of organic and ephemeral materials.

She graduated as a graphic designer at the University of Buenos Aires, where she also collaborated as a lecturer for over 5 years. Her interest in the conceptual analysis of creative processes led her to pursue a Masters in Theory and Investigation of Project Disciplines (DICOM) at the same university.

Currently, she collaborates in project conceptualization and management for several AIR programs, and, since 2018, has been the Coordinator of AADK Spain’s Residency Program, a project based in the rural área of Valle de Ricote, Murcia.


PHOTO Giuliana Grippo Archive