Famkje Elgersma

Famkje Elgersma (she/her) is a designer with a focus on social and ecological structures based in Vienna (at). Famkje Elgersma uses art and design as a means of expression to communicate, to reach people, to connect and to work together on imbalances. In her professional practice, she combines various disciplines. She is interested in the design and structures of space and society and the effects on human interaction.


Since 2022 | Vienna (at), University of Applied Art, Global Challenges and Sustainable Developments
2022-2023 | Shanghai (cn), Tongji University Shanghai International College of Design and Innovation, Environmental Design
2020 – 2021 | Tunis (tn), TASAWAR CURATORIAL STUDIOS, Certificate of Excellence
2017 – 2021 | Bremen (de), University of the Arts Bremen, Integrated Design, BA
2019 | Groningen (nl), Minerva Art Academy, studies Time-based Design
2015 – 2017 | Loerrach (de), Freies Theater Tempus fugit, education in theater pedagogy

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