TASAWAR Curatorial Studios is a postgraduate study program hosted by the GOETHE-INSTITUT in Tunis featuring public art in the SWANA region.


The one-year program is a custom-tailored program for artists, curators, art mediators, and cultural producers who wish to integrate curatorial activities into their practice. Biweekly workshops, called the “studios”, are at the core of the program. They are embedded in a variety of off- and online co-working units.


The studios encompass lectures, discussions, and training with local and international experts structured around a curriculum with a focus on key competencies for content- and concept-driven exhibitions, discussions, and critical writing. Each edition consists of the studios and of three praxis projects: an exhibition, a conference, and a publication.
2021 | 2020 | 2019


The TASAWORAT platform is the experimental online tool for curatorial texts. TASAWAR fellows, alums, and network can publish here in addition ot the regular print publications.